Hello There !

The FINAL version of CLICKER ROYALE is finally here!
Thank you for your support! All the comments and feedback left on the jam version helped me a lot in completing this game. I really hope you like this final version.

You can also play and download Clicker Royale on my personal website: https://www.maxence-jacquot.com/clicker-royale

What is Clicker Royale ?

For all of you that are new to this game, welcome.

Clicker Royale is a game I originally made for the Juice Jam back in January 2022. I received very good feedback and comments and it motivated me to work on a more polished version.
What I ended up doing is a complete overhaul with a better system, cosmetics and better animations.

How To Play ?

Clicker royale is a kind of dungeon crawler with clicker mechanics.

The objective is to overcome 7 of your opponents with increasing difficulty.

To do that you have two phases. A looting phase and a fight phase.

In the looting phase, you have to click the loot button.

This will give you coin that you can spend in the shop for upgrades.

In the shop, you have a random set of 3 upgrades that you can reroll. The more you buy upgrades the more expensive it gets.

Wen the looting phase is over you go to the fight phase.

In the fight phase, you have to click the fight button. That will make you attack the enemy.

When the enemy attacks you, you have the opportunity to dodge when you see this prompt.

To dodge you have to press the arrow on the right or left of the fight button.


You can download Clicker Royale just below it is completely free with no in-app transaction or adds.

Clicker Royale is made to be a mobile game and you can find an APK below to install on your Android Phone.

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorMaxence Jacquot
TagsArcade, Boss battle, Clicker, Deck Building


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Really fun clicker. While playing on PC the left/right dodge button feel a tad too small when quickly moving back and forth

Good, cool to see that you haven't abandoned this project)

I like it!

Thanks :)