Hello there !

This is my attempt for the GMTK game jam 2022 !

I wondered, is it possible to make a game without randomness? And here is the result.

In Dice or Die the evil king 6 captured all his dicey subjects except you. You will have to free them by resolving puzzles.

=== How To Play ===

You move around using your keyboard config in the main menu.


Then you will have to interact with the enemies blocking your way with the appropriate number on your dice.

But be careful you have a limited number of moves before exploding.

=== Infos ===

I made this game alone using Unity.
If you want to contact me for anything feel free to ask me on twitter : https://twitter.com/JacquotMaxence

Here is the link to the two free music I used.

Stevia Sphere – ししおどし

Karl Casey – Game Over


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AuthorMaxence Jacquot
TagsCats, Dice, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam


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I liked this game. Good adapt to theme.  Right now it is fit to puzzle category. Once you can improve between casual and puzzle category. This will be awesome. Enjoyed playing this. But played till level 3

i think 3-6 is impossible, if not, it's really annoying

I'm sorry to hear you did not like the game, I made sure that every level is possible in sometimes multiple ways. maybe it was just not your thing. Anyway thanks for the feedback :)