!The Final Version Is Here : https://maxence-jacquot.itch.io/clicker-royale !

Why make a website?

Because it's cool. But mainly because I noticed people uploading the game on other websites without asking me permission. So this is my attempt to keep control over my game's distribution.

What's next for Clicker Royale?

The game had way more success than I expected. Thank you for your feedback :)

I'm working on a huge update for the game.

I'll give you more details very soon :D

What is Clicker Royale?

Clicker Royale is a small game I made alone in a week for the Juice Jam hosted on itch.io.

The game had his success so I decided to push it a bit further. The version you are playing is the jam version. I did not modify the game since but a huge update is coming :) 

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorMaxence Jacquot
TagsBoss battle, Clicker, Deck Building


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how long until the update?

8 weeks ;)

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This game is tooooo good! that wait feels like forever!

I don't know if you realize, but making games is very time consuming, and I'm not full time on it.

*looks at previous post* OH SORRY

I didn't mean it like that!!

I get it, I am working on a game as well, and I understand what you mean, I will edit the post

No worries, I missenderstood.

Good luck on your projects ;)

Great game! Simple clicker gameplay with a little timer to make it a bit more tense and interesting. I was starting to worry it was getting too easy, but then the final boss killed me, so I guess that's a foot in my mouth, lol! My only real criticism is that the ghost design gets a little repetitive. Having some more simple pixel art monsters would make it a little nicer. But not a dealbreaker. Still great overall. Nice, simple, clean, and fun.

also you should fix the cost of some stuff like the burger will be 90 but the rice/hay stuff will be 150

The more you buy the more items will be expensive, it's not really what you buy that determines the price but more like how many things you bought before.

great game, loved playing it

Thank you so much :)

it was pretty easy wish there were more modes to choose but over all great game 

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More mods on the way ;) Thank you for your comment :D

Clicker Royale (Clicker Game)

Fun jam game. Short, simple, straightforward. I'd play a full game from this concept. Good job.

Thank you :D I'm working on a more polished version so stay tuned ;)

I want my duck wearing the crown after I win and play again : ) and where did my 10000 prize go?


Thank you for playing :D
I'm working on an update, you'll be able to wear a crown and way more soon ;)

Amazing Game But It is Very Hard It Took Me 3 Tries To Complete It

But It was worth it.

Awesome game, had tons of fun with it. It's well polished and addicting, great work.


Interesting idea, but please make a volume slider) This is not very long to do, but it will be better if the player can control at least just the overall volume, and the game is fun. Good job!

OH SHIT! My crown cost me a finger.
Great all

Thank you :D

cool game 

can you add permanently upgrade.like a game complete=1 permanently upgrade

Thank you :)
Now that the jam is over,
I'm allowed to update the game and I have plans for more content :)

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this is cool

I clicked fullscreen. The screen is still fucked up.

I know and I am sorry :/

I had these display issues at the last minute. It only happens on some screen ratio.

The thing is I can't really fix it while the rating of the jam is still on.

But I'll fix this as soon as it is over :)

thought your aloud bug fixes in most game jams?


I think endless mode would be cool

It would be cool indeed ;)

Thats a very fun game and, had a great time playing it, maybe more upgrades would be nice. Congrats!

Thank you :D

after the jam rating is over i'll definitely do an update fixing bugs and adding upgrades ;)

Such a good game, I broke my wrist!

Thank you :D

im playing on web, and whenever I fullscreen most of the screen still gets cut off

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I know and I am sorry :/

I had these display issues at the last minute

The thing is I can't really fix it while the rating of the jam is still on.

But I'll fix this as soon as it is over :)

understandable, thx!

I literally lost with the king having 5 hp left, literally one more click and he would be dead -.-

very cool, love the idea

Thank you ;)

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It's a great game concept! Maybe more upgrades ? :)


More upgrades are coming. I did not have time to make them before the end of the jam.
Thanks for your comment ;)

Good luck for fix.